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Jumbo enters strategic partnership with Northwave

Utrecht, 30th of April 2024

We are pleased to announce a multiyear strategic partnership with Jumbo, one of the Netherlands’ most well-known supermarkets. As of the start of this year both parties are working together to strengthen Jumbo’s cyber defences. 


(from left to right: Abdullah Rasool (Cloud Security Engineer, Jumbo), Eric Kaasenbrood (CISO, Jumbo), Steven Dondorp (CEO, Northwave Cyber Security),  Tim Hehenkamp (Director Digital, Jumbo), Roel Boers (Account Manager, Northwave Cyber Security) and Bert Feskens (Program Manager Cybersecurity, Jumbo)

The supermarket chain, known for their client-focused approach in shopping, has extended this focus to the digital field as well. The aim of Jumbo is to create a safe environment for both customers and employees alike. With Northwave as their cyber security partner, this process will be guided and safeguarded in an efficient and cost effective manner. 

Tim Hehenkamp, Director Digital at Jumbo: “We are pleased to have entered into this partnership with Northwave. This allows us to take our security capabilities to an even higher level in a strong safe and cost-effective manner. A secure digital environment for our customers and employees is of great importance in an ever-changing security threat landscape.”

The long-standing collaboration between Northwave and Jumbo allows both parties to get familiar with one another, their goals and ways of operating, optimising their productivity and improving their potential for success. 

Steven Dondorp, CEO of Northwave: “We are proud to provide ‘A Safe Digital Journey’ to the customers and employees of such a widely spread organisation as Jumbo and enhance their security posture. I am confident that we will provide a meaningful contribution to their goals, and I am looking forward to our collaboration.” 

Looking ahead, both Northwave and Jumbo are committed to their ongoing efforts to fortify the cyber defences. Both parties are eager to explore initiatives to further strengthen the cyber security posture and ensure long-term resilience against evolving threats.

About Jumbo

Jumbo, founded in 1996, is the second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands. Their history dates back to 1921, with their first of a family-owned wholesale store in Veghel, The Netherlands. Nowadays, their presence is widely spread in both The Netherlands as well as Belgium. With over 700 stores in the Netherlands and dozens in Belgium, the store continues to grow in presence in stores as well as online.