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Always in Control 

Managed Security & Privacy Office

Your business continuity is intrinsically linked to your information security and privacy management. In a world where threats, risks, and business landscapes are in constant flux, it’s crucial to have a dedicated security and privacy team that can adapt and respond effectively. However, building a successful security and privacy team can be a daunting task for many companies due to the high costs and challenges in hiring and retaining skilled security experts. 

With our Managed Security & Privacy Office, we offer a solution to these challenges. You get a dedicated, efficient, and effective security and privacy team as a service. This dedicated team runs a continuous improvement cycle for security called an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The team ensures that the security roadmap is executed and tracks and reports on its progress. In the end, we believe it's of key importance that many security disciplines in your organisation work together effectively on strategic, tactical and operational level. As a result, you are ‘in control’! 

Together, we determine what disciplines and levels are appropriate in for your current and desired situation; do you need a seasoned Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to partner with your management in strategising, or a Privacy Expert to implement a Data Protection Management System (DPMS) and handle all data breaches? Do you need operational security capabilities to handle all security questions and incidents such as phishing? Depending on your needs, we deliver a dedicated security and privacy team that fits your business challenges.  

The benefits of a Managed Security & Privacy Office.

 Continuity Guaranteed: We guarantee the quality, availability, and continuity of your dedicated team at a fixed monthly price, eliminating any hassle for you. 

 Efficient Resource Allocation: Each member of your dedicated team operates within their area of expertise; a seasoned CISO is not doing the operational work and vice versa. It ensures that your security budget is utilised effectively. 

 Customisable and Scalable: Our service is fully customisable and scalable. Depending on your team’s composition, you can delegate security management and most of your operational security and privacy workload to us, saving you and your colleagues valuable time. 

 Collective Wisdom: Through your dedicated team, you have access to the collective wisdom, experience, and knowledge of all Northwavers. Our expertise spans across various fields such as forensics, recovery, cyber resilience, offensive and defensive security, behavioral psychology, and cyber threat intelligence. This collective wisdom strengthens your security posture beyond what you could achieve alone. 

With our Managed Security & Privacy Office, you’re always in control. 


CISO-as-a-Service and Managed Security Office 

‘CISO-as-a-Service’ typically refers to cybersecurity consulting services that provide the strategic leadership of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on a part-time basis. While engaging a seasoned expert is beneficial, we at Northwave understand that comprehensive security often requires more. 

In addition to providing experienced leadership, we enhance the role of the CISO with a supportive team, enabling us to move beyond mere consultation and take action. On a tactical level, the CISO is often backed by a Security Officer who ensures the execution of the security roadmap within the organization. Moreover, you can delegate a wide range of operational security and privacy tasks to our expert service desk. On the other hand, should you already have strategic capabilities and don’t require a CISO, but need a dedicated team for execution, our Managed Security & Privacy Office is the solution aswell. 

With our Managed Security & Privacy Office, you gain a dedicated team that operates continuously, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This ensures that your security and privacy needs are met promptly and effectively, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your core business operations. 


Why choose northwave for your Managed Security & Privacy Office?

Your main benefits include: 

✅ Peace of mind in regards to cyber risks
Our service ensures your company’s security, preventing potential damages like financial loss from fraud or business disruption due to ransomware. It safeguards your company’s reputation and trust among stakeholders. Additionally, it ensures compliance, affirming your company’s legitimacy to operate in the eyes of regulatory bodies, suppliers, investors, employees, and most importantly, your customers. 
With proper security management practises, as is the case with our Security & Privacy Office, you will be in control.
✅ Diversity of Expertise

In security, relying on a single expert is insufficient. Even the most skilled professional can’t single-handedly manage strategic, tactical, and operational security tasks. A dedicated team, where each member contributes their unique strengths, is essential. However, hiring multiple full-time employees is often unrealistic. Opt for our service, which offers a comprehensive team of experts working synergistically at a fixed monthly price. This ensures effective, continuous security management without overburdening a single individual, providing you with a cost-effective, efficient, and robust security operation. 

✅ Fully Integrated To Your Benefit

Our service stands out with its full integration capability with other Northwave security services like Managed Detection & Response, Vulnerability Management, Cyber Resilience, and Managed Cyber Behaviour. Your IT/Security team is no longer a bottleneck in the middle saving them valuable time and reducing the security risk of poor integration. In addition, it eliminates the costs associated with managing multiple vendors. By combining these services, you achieve a highly efficient and effective security operation. 


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