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Northwave joins the Hannover Messe 2024

Meet us at the Industrial Security Circus in Hall 16.


Your IT and oT is the backbone
of your business




We continuously monitor your environment to detect emerging threats in an early stage. Our SOC, equipped with advanced technology, customises monitoring to your risk profile, reducing Mean Time To Detect and enhancing your team's efficiency. With 24/7 incident response support from our Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), we ensure timely action. Our proactive approach involves tailored threat intelligence feeds and active searches across deep, dark, and clear web sources, enabling asset definition, prioritisation, and continuous 24/7 monitoring. This comprehensive strategy empowers organisations to allocate resources effectively.


Managed Detection & Response Factsheet




The escalating interconnectivity, coupled with the criticality of processes governed by Operational Technology (OT) systems, necessitates a heightened emphasis on OT-security for organisations spanning diverse industries. This imperative stems from the evolving threat landscape, where factors such as the implementation of NIS2 regulations, the rising incidence of ransomware affecting production environments, and the deliberate targeting of critical infrastructure by nation-states underscore the urgency for robust OT-security measures. This abstract delves into the imperative nature of prioritising OT-security amid contemporary challenges, emphasising its pivotal role in safeguarding industrial processes and critical infrastructure.


OT-Security Assessment Factsheet


Securing Industrial Operations:     Navigating the Evolving Threat Landscape

Presentation Eileen Walther, General Manager Northwave DACH
Wednesday, April 24, 15:00 – 15:30

Presentation will be held in German.

In the dynamic landscape of the Ransomware ecosystem, especially in Germany, successful attacks on companies, particularly in the manufacturing sector, are prevalent. Eileen Walther not only analyzes these developments but also sheds light on the distinctions between Ransomware and espionage attacks along the Kill Chain. Specific tools in the phases of both Operational Technology (OT) Security and Information Technology (IT) Security are examined. Drawing from practical insights gained from numerous cybersecurity incidents, you will receive concrete action perspectives to enhance security in both domains.

Meet our Confident Crew

at the Industrial Security Circus - hall 16 



Marcus Hoppe

Sales Director DACH
Leipzig, Germany



Thomas Schurb

Account Manager
Leipzig, Germany



Patrick Ludwig

Team Lead Security Operations Manager
Leipzig, Germany

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