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Date: 01-10-2022  

The developers of OpenSSL[1] released OpenSSL update version 3.0.7 on November 1, 2022. This version contains fixes to two HIGH risk vulnerabilities. Northwave recommends upgrading products that use OpenSSL as soon as possible. The OpenSSL developers originally announced a CRITICAL security update for OpenSSL version 3[2]. Northwave has informed you of this critical vulnerability in OpenSSL 3 in a previous Threat Response[3]. After new insights, the OpenSSL developers decided to downgrade the vulnerability to HIGH instead of CRITICAL, since exploitation is unlikely in common scenarios[4].

The vulnerabilities are tracked under CVE-2022-3786 and CVE-2022-3602.


OpenSSL released a security update to version 3.0.7 on Tuesday, the 1st of November that mitigates the vulnerability[2]. Following this, vendors will be able to integrate the new version into their products and release updates for these products.

What should you do?

Northwave recommends performing the following actions:

  • Implement the security update of OpenSSL (version 3.0.7) as soon as suppliers have implemented the security update in their software.

What will Northwave do?

Northwave will monitor any developments regarding this vulnerability. If new critical information about this threat arises we will reach out to you. We will also investigate whether any additional action can be taken based upon available information within our monitoring services.

You can call us by phone or send us an email if you would like additional information.


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